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Why us ?

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A Natural Solution

Nature is perfect. We have tried our best to emulate it, using just two ingredients : water and silver.

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Glass bottles

A pure product needs a high-quality container. Glass is the perfect choice to keep our solution extremely stable.

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A passionate team

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Effectiveness is our priority

The scientists have spoken: a higher concentration means better results, which is why we decided to create a 40 PPM solution.

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Let's bust some myths: Some companies have claimed that solutions over 10, 15 or 20 PPM are less effective.


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Recycled cardboard

Let's all work together to save our beautiful planet. Long live recycled cardboard packaging !


Accessories with every bottle

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Dosing cap

To help you use exactly what you need

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30 ml spray bottle

To take your colloidal silver with you wherever you go

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Free E-book

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For a deeper understanding of this ancient product 

We are proud

Proud to make colloidal silver for you. And to dedicate ourselves this incredible product.

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Your trust means everything to us

We work hard every day to keep that trust. You have the right to stay informed and we have a duty to be transparent. We are the only laboratory that publishes independent laboratory analyses.

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