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Concentration counts.


Summary: Many scientific studies have shown that concentration has an impact on the effectiveness of a colloidal silver solution. The more concentrated it is, the more effective.



After many months of research and testing in the lab, we have created a 40 PPM solution. That’s 2 times more concentrated than the highest concentration available in France. So what is PPM? The acronym PPM stands for “Parts Per Million.” When talking about colloidal silver with 40 PPM, that means there are 40 milligrammes of silver per 1 litre of purified water.

Several studies*(1),*(2),*(3),*(4) have shown that the concentration of the colloidal
silver solution has a direct impact on its effectiveness as an antiseptic.


Let’s take look at a study carried out at the university of Kenya*(1) which shows that a 20 PPM colloidal silver is more effective than 5 PPM colloidal silver (you can see, for example, that for isolate 1, 20 PPM colloidal silver killed around 200 times faster than 5 PPM colloidal silver):

Let’s also consider this study published in “Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Technology” which concludes that, the more concentrated the colloidal silver, the more effective it is*(2) - 2 bacteria were tested over 24 hours:


Here is a third study which tested the antifungal properties of colloidal silver on white onion. Concentrations varying from 1 to 200 PPM were used, the greater the concentration the less the mushrooms were able to grow*(3):

In the final study listed, concentrations from 5 PPM to 50 PPM were used to combat E-coli bacteria*(4), the authors wrote:

"Among other things, the results of our experiments showed that dehydrogenase activity of the E.Coli respiratory chain could be inhibited by the silver nanoparticles; the higher the the concentration of silver nanoparticles, the more the enzyme activity is inhibited"


Armed with this information, we carried out numerous tests over many months to produce 40 PPM colloidal silver. We are proud to be the only manufacturer offering silver that is this concentrated produced via electrolysis, the most potent manufacturing method.


(1) A study published in "Scientific Research and Essay" in 2007: The antibacterial effectiveness of colloidal silver alone and in combination with other antibiotics on isolates caused by infected wounds - with a concentration of 20 PPM, all bacteria were killed whereas one resisted when a 5 PPM concentration was used.

(2) A study published in the "IOP publishing" in 2012: Colloidal silver nanoparticles to prevent gastro-intestinal bacterial infections - The higher the concentration, the more effective the solution

(3) The effect of Liquid Nano-silver against white rot on the green onion - the more concentrated the solution, the more effective it is

(4) A study comparing the effects of a 10 PPM solution to a 50 PPM solution

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