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1. Where is our colloidal silver made ?

We are proud to manufacture our solution in France at the following address : 


59 Boulevard de la République

13100 Aix-en-Provence FRANCE 

2. Why choose a more concentrated solution ?

After going through the scientific literature, we found that many researchers came to the following conclusion : the more concentrated the solution, the more effective it is. Based on this observation, we worked for more than a year to produce the most concentrated colloidal silver solution possible via electrolysis: our tests allowed us to consistently achieve a concentration of 40 PPM.

The claim that solutions over 10, 15 or 20 PPM are less effective has been flying around for a while. There is no scientific data to back up this theory.

More information can be found here.

3. What is the particle size of our colloidal silver ?

Thanks to our production method, our solution is made up of minute particles
measuring 150 picometres (less than a nanometre), thereby guaranteeing a high level of effectiveness.

4. What ingredients are used in the creation of our products ?

We only use purified water and silver in the production of our liquids. For the gel, we add a natural preservative and gelling agent.

5. What colour is our solution ?

Our solution is completely transparent, which reflects its quality. The smaller the particles, the more transparent and effective the solution. The colour of the gel can vary due to oxidation: the colour does not affect its effectiveness.

6. What are our bottles made from ?

Our solution is stored in glass bottles to avoid any risk of dispersion. Furthermore, the glass bottles are amber-coloured to protect the product from UV rays and guarantee its purity.

7. What is the shelf life of our product ?

Our product has a PAO (Period After Opening) of 6 months: once the bottle has been opened, you have 6 months to use it. This recommendation is based on tests carried out by independent laboratories before the product was placed on the market. However, our internal tests indicate that it is completely effective after 6 months. 

As long as the bottle has not been opened, it can be stored indefinitely. 

8. Should I dilute colloidal silver ?

There is no need for dilution; you can use your solution as it is. Our product, although more concentrated, still contains an extremely small quantity of silver.

9. Where is my package ?

Your package has been shipped by Amazon : you should have received an email to that effect from "swiship". This email contains the shipping information, including the carrier and the tracking number.

10. Why does my conductivity meter indicate 20 PPM instead of the 40 PPM advertised ?

Conductivity meters (TDS meters) are designed to measure the conductivity of the water, and they are therefore calibrated with a saline solution. However, silver has an electric potential two times lower than salt: to obtain an approximate estimate of the concentration of the silver solution, you must multiply the result provided by your TDS by two. 2 x 20 = 40 PPM. Furthermore, testers that measure up to 999 PPM have a margin of error of 2%, or 20 PPM. These devices are therefore somewhat unreliable. 

For qualitative results, you need to use a spectrophotometer instead of a basic meter for measuring dissolved solids, which was never intended to measure colloidal silver. 

You can find all of the analyses proving the concentration of our 40 PPM solution here. We are the only laboratory to make this kind of data public. As a matter of fact, we believe that we have a duty to share this sensitive information with you.

11. What is colloidal silver ?

Colloidal silver is an aqueous solution made up of purified water and silver.

12. What is colloidal silver used for ?

Humans have enjoyed the beneficial properties of silver for thousands of years. Today, it is used to fight infectious diseases (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) and to strengthen the immune system.

13. What is the working principle of colloidal silver ?

The antiseptic action of colloidal silver can be explained in at least 3 ways. All three explanations are tied to its ability to inactivate microbial DNA and proteins, without damaging the tissue: 

  1. Disruption of the outer membrane proteins of pathogenic organisms

  2. Inactivation of bacterial enzymes

  3. Inhibition of bacterial reproduction by way of their DNA 

14. How should I use colloidal silver ?

In countries where colloidal silver is considered a dietary supplement, take 10 ml per day internally or spray externally 3 times per day. We have written a full page on this subject here

15. How should I store colloidal silver ?

We recommend storing it in a dark place at room temperature: a medicine box is perfect. For the gel, remember to replace the transparent cap to avoid oxidation.

16. Are there any interactions with silver-based solutions ?

To our knowledge, there are no interactions with colloidal silver.

On the contrary, beneficial effects have been observed when conventional antibiotics are taken in combination with silver, as demonstrated by a study published in 2013.

17. Is colloidal silver banned ?

Contrary to what you may have read, colloidal silver is not banned: it is sold as a cosmetic product by the manufacturers, which implies that ingestion is not permitted. Ingestion is prohibited throughout the EU following its status change in 2010.

18. What is the legislation regarding colloidal silver ?

Since 1 January 2010, colloidal silver is no longer considered a dietary supplement by the European Union. In France, all manufacturers of colloidal silver have registered it as a cosmetic product, which implies that it can only be used externally. After all, who would drink a cosmetic product ?


In many other countries, such as Switzerland, it is considered a dietary supplement, so it can be ingested.

We have written a page with more information on this topic. 

19. Is colloidal silver dangerous ?

The only recurring side effect is argyria: argyria is characterised by a grey/blue colouration of the skin caused by very large doses of silver. 

No cases of argyria have been documented following the ingestion of commercially manufactured colloidal silver. The rare reported cases of argyria occurred following the domestic production of silver salts, which were then consumed in very high doses. 

20. Does colloidal silver destroy good bacteria?

According to Dr Pedersen, there are no harmful effects on the gut microbiota. Colloidal silver only destroys pathogens with a primitive cell structure, thereby maintaining the sensitive balance of the intestinal flora by preserving the good bacteria. 

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